Next-Generation Retail driven by serialised packaging

Start talking to customers offline and online direct to their mobile phone using a smart trigger added to product packaging

Complete Protection

A patented combination of Cloud database and AI-class algorithms identifies in-store fake products and avoids counterfeiting damage. Unique encryption of tags adds additional layer of security,

Simple QR-Based Tagging, NFC Option

Using either low-cost QR-Codes or nfc tags for tigher security, verification can take place on any printable media, requiring minimal modification of the manufacturing process

Real Time Statistics

The solution gathers real time statistics of customer's actions - product scan, original /fake detections, info requests and more

Scalable and Reliable

The BrandGuard system provides 24 x 7 operation and support for large number of concurrent users, so customers are never left without an answer



Alcoholic Beverages

Quality alcoholic beverage is easily protected from counterfeiting by adding easy to read QR code to bottle's cap, so user can scan and learn

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Beauty and Health

Customers are protected from disappointment as well as from the danger associated with fake cosmetics and fake health products

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Online Commerce

Internet Sales

Any web commerce site can guarantee all types of products to be made by the original manufacture and that they are sold as an authorised distributor

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The Global Scope of Counterfeiting – INFOGRAPHIC

By brandguardpro / BUSINESS
19 Sep 2017

The Global Scope of Counterfeiting – INFOGRAPHIC

Brand manufacturers are eager to protect consumers from counterfeits, meet the latest regulations and avoid FDA sanctions and recalls. Solutions that track and trace a product through the entire supply chain have become increasingly vital as a result. PMMI, The Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies, examined this trend in depth by interviewing 75 brand manufacturers, industry experts and technology suppliers. The infographic here