Committed to Maximizing Online and In-Store Brand Value

BrandGuard is focusing on providing in-store and online brand-enhancing solutions while customers select and inspect products.

Using mobile technology, customers enjoy safe and fully interactive purchasing experience, while a Cloud-based system tracks and informs Brands on fake products and purchasing trends

User-focused Design

BrandGuard's team sees the end-user a central part of the battle against counterfeiting and thus focuses on ease-of-use and effectiveness of its solution to ensure fast adoption and high retention rates

Information Security

Anti-counterfeiting databases are as sensitive as financial databases. BrandGuard ensures that its databases must be kept by the best Cloud services available, ensuring reliable 24/7 operation

Industry-Specific Optimization

While counterfeiting across industries has many common factors, you must adapt the solution to the needs of specific industries, otherwise success rates and adoption will be limited.

Mobile Technology

BrandGuard's team specializes in developing fast and accurate QR and computer-vision based applications, for iOS and Android. Using the latest real-time Web platforms, advanced interactivity and Analytics are fully integrated

Who We Are

BrandGuard has been founded by a team of professionals dedicated to the mission of fighting global counterfeiting using sophisticated technology and specially crafted industry solutions. Most of the current efforts is focused on the battleground set between manufacturers and counterfeiters, while end users are engaged and contribute to the effort by actively scanning and detecting fake products. Allowing end-users detect and avoid counterfeit products is highly important to truly eliminate the phenomena of counterfeiters. Behind-the-scene tracking and lawsuits, mainly benefiting manufacturers, but leave end-users damaged and overlooks a highly effective partner in this fight.

BrandGuard believes that it is equally important to transition the in-store experience from a limited, guesswork based process to a fully interactive, highly informed one that relies on the latest in mobile web as the link to a world of knowledge and promotions.

Our Services


In-Store Product Verification

QR codes and Computer-Vision solutions integrated with centralized database and mobile-based scanning of products

In-Store Marketing

Interactive-In-Store Marketing

Using Cloud and mobile-web, products become interactive marketing points benefiting both customers and marketers

Custom Mobile Web-Apps

OEM-adapted Mobile Web Applications

Developing mobile apps fitting the needs of an OEM, replacing the standard BrandGuard UX with custom features

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