BrandGuards Introduces its NFC solution

BrandGuards Introduces its NFC solution

On Sep. 20, (2016), BrandGuard will participate in the DevelopEX2016 IoT Conference and Exhibition, presenting for the first time its  nfc-based anti counterfeiting and Product ID management solution.

Following its successful introduction of the QR-code based solution, which focuses on the mass-market and low cost products, the nfc-based solution is supplying increased protection to high-end and sensitive products, requiring the most accurate detection and faster response. the nfc-based solution is currently supplied as an add-on to existing packages in various forms that adapt to the needs of each brand and product variation. BrandGuard’s unique, patented Cloud-based system applies correlation and tracking rules that help identify hacking attempts while creating a clear, global view of the statistics of variations and production-runs.

Saar Koren, BrandGuard’s CEO, says: “nfc technology brings the added security and speed needed by increasing number of industry segments, especially those trying to protect from life-threatening counterfeits such as pharmaceuticals”. Using a combination of nfc and QR code technology, a combined effect of extended product information as well as accurate, non breakable identification is added to such products, benefiting both end users as well as manufacturers.

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