BrandGuard’s Unique Approach to Counterfeiting Detection Technology

BrandGuard developed, based on a patented combination of mobile application and Cloud-resident service, a real-time detection capability of duplicated or re-used packaging.

In most cases, this is a clear indication of a counterfeited product and should lead to elimination of the detected case. While some unique cases may develop and avoid a 100% detection, the method has been tested successfully and is believed to provide positive detection of the the vast majority of the practical use-cases.

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What do I need to start protecting my brand?

Protecting your brand involves following few basic steps: (1) Plan your QR printing method (2) Select target campaign (set) (3) contact us for further implementation, to follow steps outline in our 'The Process' page    

What type of products can be protected?

Any product that has a packaging that can be printed with a QR code size 1cm (square) and up, is suitable for BrandGuard protection. Bottles, carton boxes, cloths tags and more - all can be tracked using our QR coding system

How do I know that it works?

Use our app to test-scan printed products. Being genuine, you will see the 'Genuine' mark and the information associated with the product. In order to simulate 'Fake' state (product suspected as counterfeit) you can do one of the following:

  • Scan the same product in a different location
  • Repeat the same scan several times within a short period of time, using the same phone (indicates user inspecting fake series)

Other options will be detailed once you start a project

Can I use my own QR reading app?

BrandGuard's solution is based on special code embedded in our app. When users scan the code with a regular QR reading app, it is directing them to download the app and continue scanning with the full power of the BrandGuard method. If you want a special QR reading app that scans for counterfeits, we will work with you and implement an OEM version.

How do you price your services?

Pricing is based on QRs batch-size. Several levels are available and depend on industry type, including a test-phase in which we manage a QR set suitable for field testing until full deployment is initiated.

What type of support do you provide?

Customers of the Pro version of our product are eligible for dedicated support by an account supervisor, and through our electronic system which is designed to provide and answer within 24 hours max.