Wine Industry

One of the most popular targets of counterfeiting can now eliminate most of the damage

Use Case

Speciality wines and leading Brand are repeatedly copied and replaced with low-quality products. Fighting counterfeiters begins with implementation of QR printing on the target bottle. BrandGuard recommends printing on the plastic cap (top), as the most visible part of the product, triggering more scans, although regular printing on a label works as well.

Once implemented, QR sets are received from BrandGuard and production begins. As products reach the stores, application promotion is recommended, especially via in-store signs. Coupons can also be offered to accelerate scanning. As customers start scanning, manufacturers can track their activity and identify counterfeiting activity via the supplied back-end analytics system. Information can be used both as a counterfeits statistics as well as a general marketing info indicating popular products and market interest.

See our demo video for a demo of a practical implementation