Pricing Model

Flexible Structure

BrandGuard offers several levels of usage ranges, supporting different needs in terms of code-packs, information pages and analytics. You can use the starter package as a test-point through which you can examine the solution and determine its suitability to your needs, continuing with a higher level, for a larger monthly production rates. The CUSTOM level is designed for larger corporations in needs for large code packs and special information-pages and analytics needs. 


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    Can I start onlien or do I need to discuss my needs first?

    BrandGuard offers a starter package as well as a follow on base package which can be purchased and launched online - no need to contact us first. However if you do have questions before committing for any of the packages or special needs that we answer through the CUSTOM program, please use the form below to contact us and we will get back to you for further discussions. 

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    How long are the codes maintained and processed by the system?

    BrandGuard's standard plans are based on monthly payments and therefore maintain and process the codes as long as subscription is ON. Code support through the CUSTOM plan may define preset period such as 1 or 2 years, as agreed in pre-engagement discussions.

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    How safe is my data?

    Customers' code packs and analytics are stored on a highly secured Amazon Web Services database. Analytics portal keeps data fully isolated, strictly avoiding cross access to sensitive information.

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    Who builds the information pages?

    Information pages are built automatically upon purchase /subscription to one of the online packages. The offered format is optimised for authentication purposes,  yet a link to any external pages further detailing features or campaigns associated with the product is available. If you need a custom design, see our SDK option offering special widgets that can be integrated into your own mobile-web page.

Service Pricing Options

  • STARTER PACK monthly plan
  • $25
  • 10,000 Codes
  • Product Page Template
  • iPhone /Android Support
  • Analytics Portal
  • BASE PACK monthly plan
  • $45
  • 25,000 Codes
  • Product Page Template
  • iPhone /Android Support
  • Analytics Portal
  • EXTRA PACK large-scale plan
  • $95
  • 50,000 Codes
  • Custom-built Product Page
  • IPhone /Android Support
  • Analytics Portal

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Questions /Requests

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