4 Steps to Fully Protected Brand Identity

QR-based Solution

Target Product is Defined

Visual and Textual Info

QR Database is Generated

Unique QR per Item

Protected Product is launched

as Campaigns (QR Sets)

Activity is Tracked and Studied

Verifications & Info Requests

Product Uploading /Definition: Target products are uploaded to or defined in the system, including:

  • Product Details
  • Images
  • Specifications
  • Links to additional information

Information can be changed anytime if needed

Database Creation: QR codes are generated and assigned to products grouped by Campaigns:

  • Campaign typically ships as a single batch
  • Database is stored safely online
  • Sets are delivered fully encrypted

Received QR codes are printed on products (method depends on Industry and product type)

Campaign Launch: Once ready, products are shipped and Campaign starts, focusing on end-users:

  • Mobile App promoted in-store and off-store
  • Scanning further motivated via coupons(optional)
  • Counterfeits are detected in real-time

The end-result: Protected Brand stands-out vs. others

Activity Tracking: User’s actions are fully tracked and presented both graphically and in a table format:

  • Counterfeit detections
  • Information retrieval (via mobile app)
  • Coupon usage (if available)

Data is presented in real-time or as query results from an archive

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