Counterfeiting and the Refills Industry

Refills are the basis of many industries, such as Ink-Jet Printers, Soda Machines and more. Faking these refills is on the rise, hurting profitability and frustrating consumers


Fake Refills Hurt Business and Frustrate Customers

Low-cost devices such as printers and coffee machines are distributed on the basis of continuous revenue from refills. Counterfeiters have long identified this segment as a lucrative business and constantly produce useless or low quality fakes.

Marking refills with end-user readable marks, serialised and encrypted is the best solution as some of the manufacturers acknowledge and plan to implement.

Sample Cases


Counterfeit Cartridges – What You Should Know

Counterfeit cartridges are made to look incredibly similar to OEM cartridges, fooling you into thinking you are getting a great value product and getting the same quality as a genuine cartridge

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SodaMod: Save Money On SodaStream Refills With a Hacked Paintball Canister

One of the main reasons people love the SodaStream is that you save money by making your own sparkling water. Supposedly. Unfortunately, replacing those CO2 canisters is expensive. This clever hack will help you cut those costs by a huge margin....

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