Quality and Authentication Applications

Helping Customers Assess Quality and Source of Cosmetics

Cosmetics is a constant target for counterfeiting, as customers are led by brand-names and these are easy to fake, unless protected by proper measures


Branded Cosmetics massively copied, replaced with a low-quality contents

Taking advantage of the fact that consumers are guided by brand names rather than actually testing products, fake cosmetics are a popular target for counterfeiters, especially in the Far-East.

Serialisation not only defeats copying, but also provides an opportunity to deliver valuable information on the product and on the brand, directly to consumers mobile phone

Sample Cases


Hazardous counterfeit cosmetics seized in UK

An operation by Trading Standards in the UK has uncovered counterfeit versions of well-known cosmetics brands - including MAC, Benefit and Naked Pallet - in a Nuneaton store.

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Raid disrupts counterfeit cosmetics trade in Malaysia

An operation in the Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur has resulted in the seizure of around $134,000-worth of counterfeit cosmetic goods.

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Indian police raid fake cosmetics production plant

Police in India have seized machinery, raw materials and fake cosmetics in a raid on a facility, local media reports.

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