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Protecting the Public from Fake Drugs

Pharmaceuticals are one of the most popular targets for counterfeiting. And the ones that carry the most dangerous side-effects


Counterfeited Drugs Carry the Most Dangerous Side Effect

High sales price and constant increase in demand make drugs in general and popular pharma products such as Viagra a popular counterfeiting target.few data points from recent reserach:

The Pharma industry is now headed towards standardised serialisation based on simple QR marks, starting with Europe, 2019. However, online stores can easily fake these marks and will require more sophisticated methods such as BrandGuard’s Cloud-based QR verification

Sample Cases


Fake Xanax “easily” bought on Facebook in UK

Counterfeit Xanax that contains a drug called etizolam and is responsible for an epidemic of deaths in Scotland can be bought quickly and easily through sites like Facebook, according to BBC report.

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UK review finds some online pharmacies 'risky' for patients

A review by the Care Quality Commission in the UK has said it has "significant concerns" about the safety of patients using online pharmacies.


Fight continues between Indian online and offline pharmacies

The fight in India between brick and mortar pharmacies and their online counterparts is set to heat up after the threat of court action.

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US study casts spotlight on illegal online pharmacies

A study has found a sizeable drop since last year - from 581 to 365 - in the number of online pharmacies willing to supply US residents with prescription drugs without a proper physician's endorsement.

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