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09 Aug 2011, Shanghai, China --- A passenger is scanning QR codes of the products on offer with a cellphone in a subway supermarket in Shanghai, China, 9 August 2011.    A new mobile shopping experience is coming to major cities around China with a subway network, and is currently being tested in Shanghai and Beijing. Its basically a rip-off of what Tesco Homeplus has done in South Korea. Subway stations have been converted into virtual supermarkets. What you need to do is to scan the QR codes of the products you want, and once youre done with your purchase, the goods are delivered to your doorstep when you get home and are paid upon receipt. --- Image by © Imaginechina/Corbis


Aug 2017

The rise of the QR code in China

QR codes? Those black-and-white graphics that take you to a URL when scanned with your phone. Sine 2011 they are everywhere. Brands splashed them across posters, put them in shop windows and integrated them into creative advertising. But in 2017 China is definitely addict and it’s part of the daily life over there. QR codes in China are convenient, quick and painless to use, lead...


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